Upcoming premieres

Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria

The classical myth of Odysseus retold in the context of the current refugee crisis and the present-day fear of the otherness. This staging of Monteverdi’s opera is developed with participation of the local migrant communities of Basel. There are several resemblances between the mythological hero and the stories of people with experience of war and displacement nowadays. However, the directions of their journeys differ from each other: while Odysseus arrives back home after twenty years of travelling, refugees are confronted with the difficult task of settling in a new homeland and establish a new identities. Can their country of arrival become truly their new Ithaca? The part of Odysseus is performed on stage by a group of local men of all ages with a migrant background. Monteverdi’s music – performed by the instrumental ensemble I Musici de la Cetra – meets new electroacoustic composition in this production.

Premiere: November 2021, Theater Basel (Switzerland). More info coming up soon.


Verdi’s classic in a new orchestration and as an intimate staging focusing on the family drama.

Premiere: 6 January 2022, Nationaltheater Mannheim (Germany). More info coming up soon.

Il trionfo del tempo e del disinganno

Haendel’s oratorium as a visual meditation on the meaning of female body in the religious regime.

Premiere: 16 January 2022, Nationaltheater Mannheim (Germany). More info coming up soon.