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Upcoming engagements

Opera Rara Festival (Krakow, Poland) and Kurt Weill Fest (Dessau, Germany)

“Unknown, I Live With You” by The Airport Society on tour

A new opera based on the poems of the Afghan women involved in the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, an initiative that supports the literary expression of women living under a regime that imposes their silence. With this piece, I sought to fuse the dramatic power of opera with the impact of socially engaged art in an unusual, immersive format. Unknown not only voices the distinct stories of Afghan women, but also draws out their universal resonance: that of an excluded voice resisting a patriarchic society and striving for change. The award-winning Polish composer Katarzyna Głowicka explores the junction between extended techniques of operatic voice and the dramatic potential of live electronics. The emotionality of the folk-inspired melodies meets minimalism of form. Unknown involves opera singers, a dancer, a string quartet and live electronica. Three strong women create the cast of the performance: the Polish opera diva Malgorzata Walewska, the star of America’s younger generation Raehann Bryce-Davis and the Belgian velvet-voice-mezzo Sara Jo Benoot. As we head on tour with this flexible and mobile installation, we’re still looking for venues and festivals that could help us to bring the unheard voices of Afghan women to the audiences all over the world. If you would like to invite Unknown to your festival – get in touch with us here.

Performances: 1, 2 February 2020 (Opera Rara, Cracow, Poland), 29 February (Kurt Weill Fest, Dessau, Germany) | Tickets & Info here