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Upcoming engagements

Opera Ballet Vlaanderen (Antwerpen) & Klara Festival (Brussels, Belgium)

“Symphony of Expectations” with music by Arnold Schönberg and Luciano Berio

A triptych that overturns a binary worldview and the audience’s expectations of a classical music performance. Arnold Schönberg’s and Marie Pappenheim’s monodrama Erwartung (1909) is juxtaposed with Luciano Berio’s Sinfonia (1968) and a new dramatic text to draw out connections between emancipatory struggles in recent history. The longer I’ve been researching on this project the more pronounced the line between the iconic liberation movements of the 20th and the 21st century seems to be – from the suffragists in the early 20th century, through the Stonewall protests by the LGBTQ+ communities, to the current transgender, intersex and non-binary movements. A new subjectivity has been born in and through these historical commotions – going far beyond the “white male perspective”. Bodies and sexualities that are normally excluded now take the stage, illuminating how we all face the expectations of others, while challenging us to reconsider our own.

Premiere: 15 March 2020 (Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Antwerp) | Performances: 18 March 2020 (Klara Festival at Kaai Theatre, Brussels) |Artistic team: Krystian Lada (concept & stage direction), Didzis Jaunzems (set design), Maarten Warmerdam (light design), Alejo Pérez (music direction), with Allison Cook, HYOID Contemporary Voices Ensemble and the Symphonic Orchestra Opera Ballet Vlaanderen | Tickets & Info here