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Upcoming engagements

Lada’s future engagements include Rossini’s Sigismondo for Capella Cracoviensis and Opera Rara Festival, as well as Schoenberg’s Erwartung and Berio’s Sinfonia for Opera Ballet Vlaanderen and Klara Festival in Brussels. Polish National Opera – Teatr Wielki commissioned Lada with a new libretto for the opera Moniuszko à Paris (premiere in September 2019 during the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music as a part of the Year of Stanisław Moniuszko, later to be presented as well at La Monnaie in Brussels). His immersive opera Unknown, I Live With You will be showcased among others during the Rotterdam Opera Days in May 2019, at the Opera Rara Festival in Cracow (Poland) in January/February 2020 and at Kurt Weill Fest 2020 in Dessau.