Premiere: 22 May 2019, Dijkzigt Hospital, Festival Operadagen Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Creative Team: Krystian Lada (stage director & concept), Maarten Warmerdam (lights), Marieke Dijkwel and Tommy Ventevogel (redaction)

More info: http://www.operadagenrotterdam.nl/programma/vaarwel-dijkzigt/



“What looks like a hallucinogenic healthcare nightmare is in fact Krystian Lada’s Vaarwel Dijkzigt, a work of storytelling music theatre in Rotterdam’s abandoned former Dijkzigt hospital building, scheduled for demolition. Narratives from nurses, patients, orderlies and families have been painstakingly collected and woven into a strange piece of site-specific performance art. Hospitals are home to shattering experiences – illness and healing, injury and hope, birth and death. While the hospital walls still stand, Lada fills them with remembered tales of transfiguration.”

Shirley Apthorp in Financial Times

“These stories touch the spectators. And the music reinforces that feeling, says visitor Malua te Lintelo, who in the past often visited the old Dijkzigt hospital with her daughter. During the musical parcours opera arias are to be heard in the operating room and in the corridors. The cello, accordion and baglama (a Turkish string instrument) flutter and resonate melancholy.  ‘Those sounds really bring you closer to your feelings. I immediately got goosebumps with the story of woman who had her lung transplant surgery here.’

The production touched also another visitor, Farsia Mokiem, who has often wandered through the hospital – her former workplace – in the past. ‘I had to do my best not to whine when the singer in the operating room sang so beautifully and so close to me. Life, love, death, everything came together in the Dijkzigt hospital and now in this production.'”

Adrianne de Konning in AD