Premiere: 18 August 2021, Royal Danish Theatre (Copenhagen)

Creative team: Krystian Lada (Concept, video and staging), Ewa Strusinska (Conductor), Didzis Jaunzems (Set Designer), Henrik Vibskov (Costume Design), Clement Irbil (Lighting Design)


Cast: Vinegar Strokes (Motel Owner), Ann Petersen (Mr D’s Wife), Lukas Hartvig-Møller (Mr D’s Soul), Adrian Angelico (Mr D’s Transson), Elisabeth Jansson (Professional Dominatrix), Simon Duus (Mr D’s Secret Lover), Samuel Mariño (Assassin), The Royal Danish Orchestra




“It is a unique, exciting and not least humorous production that Krystian Lada has created for the Royal Danish Theatre. It has so many surprising elements, that you just have to see it for more than one time, in order to get all of the details implemented in the show. It also shakes up the traditional opera audience a bit and attracts new audiences. It can be recommended to buy the program for the show, which offers several informative articles. A very clever decision was made by the head of the opera, artistic director John Fulljames and who is the person that brought Krystian Lada to Copenhagen. So Thank you so much for that”. Pia Stilling in Kulturtid


“With a brooding narrative style allegedly inspired by Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch, Krystian Lada has created a fascinating experience space where closeup video sequences on the big screen run in parallel with live performance on the stage floor, so to speak, a multidimensional drama in the living room and on the first floor. Queer and quirky, campee and playful. Sure, but it also manages to be severely serious as well”. Valdemar Lønsted in Information


“The patriarch gets a thumbs down at the Royal Danish Theatre. It is all in all very amusing and thought-provoking. Naughty, dangerous and quirky. Well done. As a part of the WorldPride celebrations, this production hits spot on, and its defence to humanity and musical diversity makes you happy. A timeless message? Definitely, and in that context necessary and important”. Søren Kassebeer in Berlingske


The Mysteries of Desire which became a modern and very entertaining night in the name of diversity, and the history of opera. Where I personally left the theatre jolly and humming, fulfilled with centuries of music”. Ulla Strømberg in Kulturkupeen