Premiere: 23 April 2018, Opera Wrocławska (Poland)

Creative Team: Krystian Lada (stage director), Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski (music director), Didzis Jaunzems (set design), Magdalena Maciejewska (costumes design), Maarten Warmerdam (lighting design)
* * *

“Intriguing, innovative stage directing style. Krystian Lada discovered in Bellini’s opera worryingly current themes as much for Poland as for Europe. Capuleti is a supporter of force and violence, his people parade in paramilitary uniforms, and carry weapons. Romeo, leader of the Montecchis, strives for dialogue and wants freedom. So nationalism versus liberalism? After the first scenes, the performance of Opera Wrocławska can be seen as an image of what threatens not only our country today. Fortunately, Lada did not succumb to the temptation of easy actualisation. He uses mental shortcuts, metaphors, symbols, and in the second part he completely changed the atmosphere of the piece. When Julia falls into lethargy and Romeo drinks poison at her grave, Lada offers a poetic transition to the other side of the world. There, where the earthly conflicts no longer count, and death connects lovers forever.”
Jacek Marczyński in Rzeczpospolita

“Enthusiasts of modernity will sigh with relief and applaud the cutting-edge attitude that surrounds old and well-known convention”
Dorota Olearczyk in PIK Wroclaw

“Krystian Lada rises to his heights and the mathematical-geometrical precision of his concept simply delights in many moments. There is no place for merely ornamental treatments in his staging. Since this work belongs to the genre of opera seria and not opera buffa, in the second part of the performance, the stage director efficiently tempers the grotesque dimension of the protagonists and the farce on the stage, he silences the presented world, reducing the number of stimuli, and directs the attention to the two main protagonists, bringing their personal drama to a full resonance. The set design is literally turned upside down. This land on the other side of the mirror resembles a hangar or an abandoned factory lit by industrial lights. This production opens with a mocking play of disguise and winking at the audience, and ends with a real tragedy of two lovers. And when two doubles of the lovers couple appear on the stage – resembling the image of Adam and Eve – this production reaches the heights of a universal parable about feelings that go against any form of rational calculation and common sense.”
Henryk Mazurkiewicz in Teatralny

* * *
Video trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMkEBqHLyjY