Premiere: 31 July 2021, Świdnica, Fabryka Urządzeń Przemysłowych (Poland) / 18 November 2021 Kraków (Poland)

Creative team: Krystian Lada (concept, stage directions & set), Aleksandr Prowaliński (lights & set), Petr Nekoranec (Tenor), William Kelley (Pianist)



“The monologue of Adam – tormented by anorexia and dying of a sick fixation – performed by the brilliantly singing Czech tenor Petr Nekoranec, was steeped in sensitivity, care and compassion. It was a tender tale of hurt – of a weak and vulnerable teenager. The piano part was also written with tenderness, performed by William Kelley, who – as is often the case in contemporary music – also appeared as a performer. The physical pain experienced by the starving boy, tormented by the demons of the opinions he had heard about himself and by remembered school scenes was fuelled by the use of the machinery of the factory hall – welding, sawing, the noise of a moving crane and the cold space created an eerie funeral ritual. Comfort Starving is an example of a socially engaged, inclusive work, including in its bloodstream people who are normally far from art, in this case factory workers. I honestly don’t think that the two factory workers operating the heavy equipment as a part of the performance have ever received such warm applause for their work. The performance was the first part of an unfinished trilogy. If the other two are equally moving, we are probably looking at one of the contemporary masterpieces of the opera stage. In my opinion it was the highlight of the festival”. Mateusz Ciupka (Ruch Muzyczny)


Photo: Tomasz Herman