Premiere: 7 October 2017, Royal Circus during Nuit Blanche Brussels (Belgium)

Creative Team: Krystian Lada (stage director & concept), Kevin Briard (lighting design), Rutger Muller (sound design), Katarzyna Glowicka (live electronics), Georg Weinand (dramaturgical advice)

More info: http://theairportsociety.com/portfolio-item/aria-di-potenza/



“‘In Aria di potenza, opera singers present speeches by the contemporary politicians as Erdogan, Putin, Merkel or Trump. In fact, an opera aria is a moment when a stage character completely attracts the attention of the spectators. Here is the link between an aria and a speeches of a politician.’ Lada chose the Royal Circus as his location. “Not much has happened there since a few months, which, by the way, has everything to do with the power games in the Brussels politics. The place has been abandoned: when I entered the space recently, there were still flyers, confetti and chairs from a concert a few months ago lying around. We decided not to clean it up. The lighting designer won’t make any theatrical lighting plan, but will let the architecture of the space for itself, and play with light and shadow instead. That’s because political power likes to linger in the dusk. I like to imagine the arena of the circus as a place of ritual where the spirits of politicians and operatic characters appear. “ The show lasts four hours, but every ten to fifteen minutes the audience may enter and leave. The repertoire includes Wagner and Purcell, but also Philip Glass. ‘Our cast consists of three strong opera personalities. For instant, Lucia Lucas used to be a man until three years ago – a meaningful fact in the gender-specific opera world. Now, she sings with her new, female voice, which is still in full development. When you bring that fact together with an aria from Verdi’s Macbeth and Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, you get powerful performance material.’”

Michaël Bellon in BRUZZ

Video trailer: https://vimeo.com/286515339